Leaked: Official Avatar Second Trailer

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If you still haven’t seen our preview about the anticipated sci-fi movie Avatar on December 18, 2009, then I guess you don’t have any idea what you’re about to miss. As early as the 1st quarter of the year, Avatar by James Cameron has already been clamored by a lot of fans and skeptics alike.

It’s aforementioned in one of Cameron’s speech that he has been waiting to create this movie shortly after the all time box-office hit of Titanic. He said, “The technology is not yet available to create the Avatar movie” so he postphoned the production. I supposed James foreseen how realistic should the CGI (computer-generated imagery) be, before releasing it to the public. Fortunately, today we will be witnessing a yet another masterpiece from the director.

avatar ign

We have posted a trailer before; However, critiques said it was difficult to “digest” because there are minute spoken conversations. Good for fans, Avatar had released a second trailer, this time it’s more perceivable. Let us remind you that this is a “leaked” trailer and you can see the language is written all over in Thai. Enjoy!

That trailer is almost as good as the official launch of the second Avatar preview (English translation and will be aired on a full 1080p – by Apple HD trailer) This week. Anyway we will keep you guys updated.

So does the trailer make you want to watch the Avatar movie this December?

(sources: traileraddict)


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