Lebron James New Nike “Rise” Ad Released! (Video)

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It is all about Lebron James making a statement to his fans and critics. LBJ is put to a situation where he made a lot of critics telling him he destroyed his legacy by moving to Miami Heat.

He made that move epically in a one-hour special dubbed “The Decision.” Now, LBJ is ready to reclaim his image, addressing the controversy he created through a new ad from Nike that in one night was viewed by thousands of people in YouTube. In his ad, LBJ takes it back to “The Decision”, sitting on a studio set that mimics where he made his announcement. He says “What should I do?” “Should I admit that I’ve made mistakes?”

The Nike’s campaign called “Rise” shows that it is a way for LBJ to confront his critics and letting him speak in his own way according to AdAge.com. USA Today even declared that it is the “Best LeBron James commercial yet,” and ESPN said that Nike uses emotion “stunningly, masterfully, boldly.”

LBJ’s ad shows various fantasy sequences as he confronts the consequences from his announcements as he repeats to himself asking “What should I do?” He even said a statement for Charles Barkley, who humiliated him in the past saying “I am not a role model.” then winks and says “Hi Chuck.” In the end of it he delivers a perfect layup and you will hear him ask, “Should I Be who you want me to be?”

Here’s the Nike video commercial of Lebron:


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