Left 4 Dead 2: The Passing DLC Released!

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Left 4 Dead 2 fans would surely love Valve more for releasing a dowloadable (DLC) version of this game. It was announced today at the X10 event that it is already downloadable in live marketplace. The PC version is free while the xBOx 360 version will be played as $7.

The main feature in this game is the crossover that will happen between the survivors of the first Left 4 Dead particularly Francis, Bill, Zoey and Louis however they will not be playable characters and the new survisors from the Left 4 Dead 2 later and that Coach, Nick, Ellis, and Rochell will aid in finishing the 3rd map.

Along with this, there will also be a number of new items and gampe play mode. A new system which will show series of weekly game mode events named as “Mutations” will be included. Each week 1 new mutation will be featured and the previous one will be retreated. There are more than 20 muntaion game play modes that are planned. It includes the Reality v.s. Chainsaw Massacre giving the players chainsaws with infinite gasoline.

Additional features in this game are the new co-operative challenge mode, new golf club melee weapon, new m-60 machine gun, and the new uncommon common infected type fallen survivors who are considered new zombies in the game.


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