Lin Mun Poo: Malaysian Man Arrested After Hacking Federal Reserve Network

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You can never get away from the US Secret Service, even if you are not an American.

A Malaysian man was arrested by the Secret Service last October 21 in the John F. Kennedy for hacking into a Federal Reserve Bank computer network and getting 400,000 credit card numbers. Lin Mun Poo, aged 32, hacked into the firewall of the said bank and took all the credit card information so he can sell it in exchange for money.

He was arrested when he sold almost more than 30 active credit and debit card numbers to an undercover secret agent for $1000. After the exchange, he was arrested when he arrived in the US. The Secret Service found an encrypted laptop that contained a lot of personal information and financial account data that was worth thousands (or even millions) of dollars.

Poo is now under the custody of the US court as it is being decided what kind of sentence he will be given. According to legal documents, last June 2010, the Malaysian hacked the computer network of the Federal Reserve Bank that affected more than 10 computers and thousands of dollars in damage. According to the spokesperson of the bank, June Gates, it was a good thing only a text computer was involved and is not connected to the computer system of the bank.

Also, according to US Attorney Loretta Lynch, Poo is known to hack onto different computer networks of financial institutions and other corporations in order to sell the information that he gets. Some of his victims, most of whom have not given any comment yet about the incident, are Firemen’s Association of the State of New York and FedComp Inc. where he stole a big amount of credit unions. He also hacked into the computer network of the Mercer County New Jersey Teachers

With the advance technology that we have now, it is no wonder Poo was able to easily get hold of financial information from these companies. “Cybercriminals continue to use their sophistication and skill as hackers to attack our financial and national security sectors,” Lynch said to the media.

The jury has given Lin Moon Poo a “four-count indictment” today and is charged with federal charges of hacking into the bank’s computer system. If he is ever convicted, Poo faces a maximum of 10 years in prison.


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