Lindsay Buziak: The Dream House Mystery On TV

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The unsolved murder of Lindsay Buziak, dubbed “The Dream House Mystery”, was the subject of the episode on Dateline on NBC last Friday night.

Buziak, 24, a realtor, was knifed to death at a suburban home in Saanich, British Columbia (in Canada) in 2008 by still unknown culprits who posed as property buyers. This murder story still baffle investigators up to now because they still cannot find any motive behind the killing nor have they gained any ground in the investigation. No arrests were made because there were no clear suspects.

Speculations were made by the police that the murders might have been a contract killing, or possibly drug related. On the other hand, the Buziak family are still awaiting conclusion of the investigation and they are now becoming impatient and doubtful of the murder case being solved at all.

In the show Dateline on NBC , the audience had the chance to look where the investigation is right now. It was also the intention of the show to get information from the audience and hope that there is someone who could contribute new lead to the authorities. If so, they can inform the police and shed light about the murder case.

Dateline on NBC caters to almost 12 million viewers in North America and can also be accessed on the internet.


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