Lindsay Lohan Bailed Out Of Jail For $300,000!

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In a surprising turn of events recently, Lindsay Lohan has been granted bail. The bail set at the staggering amount of $300,000 has been issued by L.A. County Judge Patricia Schnegg in light of the fact that the previous ruling of Judge Elden Fox, who denied Lohan’s bail, actually is in conflict with the California State Law on misdemeanor cases. Judge Elden Fox in a hearing last September 24, ordered the preliminary revocation of her probation and denied her bail following a drug case three years ago.

Lohan, 24, was arrested in May, 2007 for driving under the influence of alcohol in Beverly Hills. She was then a month shy of her 21st birthday. She went into an alcoholic rehabilitation center for forty five days and was subsequently fitted with a SCRAM (Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitoring) after her release.

Just two weeks, after her stint in rehab, she was again arrested. This time she was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol, possession of the illegal drug, cocaine, and driving with a suspended license. Lohan denied that the drug was hers, but after careful investigation by the police the evidences that it was hers were overwhelming. In the subsequent trial that followed, she pleaded no contest to all charges. The presiding judge sent her to jail but she only spent eighty four minutes behind bars and was ordered to complete alcohol education courses.

In July 2010, after failing to appear in most meetings of the alcohol education courses on time, the judge ruled that the actress violated her probation, and sentenced her to ninety days in prison. However she only stayed in jail for 23 days. She was released upon condition that she will have to subject herself inside a rehabilitation facility, submit to random alcohol and drug tests, and continue to undergo mandatory outpatient therapy after rehab. The penalty for violating the probation is a jail sentence of thirty days.

Lohan failed the drug test she had taken two weeks ago. She said to the media that she is willing to face the consequence. Confirming it via Twitter, Lohan said that she failed the drug test. She was supposed to be hauled to jail yesterday after the hearing with Judge Fox. But since the reversal of Judge Fox’ decision by the other judge, she can be out within the day.


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