Lion Attacks Trainer in Las Vegas Hotel (Video)

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On September 1, 2010, a lion at MGM Grand Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas attacked its trainer. The shocking scene was accidentally taken by a couple who were there for their honeymoon.

The couple Titus and Drew Ellis told The Insider and ABC News of their frightening experience. Ellis told reporters, “We weren’t expecting it at all. It just all happened so quick, you know. All of a sudden he was on top of him, and you could tell it wasn’t a playful jump.” According to them, the lion suddenly jump on its trainer and was biting his leg. Through the sound proof glass that fenced the lion and a lioness, Ellis said she could tell the guy was screaming.

In the video, a fellow trainer tried to stop the lion as well as the lioness in the cage. The lioness jumps on its companion to stop him from what he is doing. The trainer then who was attacked was able to get out from the cage.

According to MGM officials, the attack was not serious. The trainer was bought to a nearby hospital where his wound was treated and stitched. Investigations are being done to know what caused the animal to attack the trainer. The video of the attack was posted all over the internet. You can view the related video news report below.


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