LipStix ReMix Featured on Shark Tank

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Last Friday night, the Shark Tank showed off its first pitch of the night called “LipStix ReMix”. It was created by Jill Guilin, who was a housewife and decided one day that she would create a new way to save lipstick. It involves a lipstick mold so that you can mix your left over lipstick and create a new stick in just a few minutes.

lipstix remix

All you need for this process is a microwave, a freezer, and of course the lipstick that you have left over. You can also choose to get a new lipstick and change its color by adding it to some old lipstick left over at the end of the tube that you can’t use. This way, you can mold a new lipstick and have it the exact color you need. This saves lots of money on lipstick and is fun and creative as well.

The patent is still pending on this mold and business, but the Sharks liked her product and decided that it was worth investing in. In the end, LipStix ReMix got a negotiation which snagged Jill Guilin with the investment she wanted, but she had to give away half of her business in order to do so.


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