Lost Season 6 Finale Explanation: Lost Finale Explained

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The Lost Finale finally ended after six years or shouldn’t it have ended? Or it never ended at all.

Viewers say that the final episode, Jack’s dead father showed that everyone on Oceanic 815 which includes Desmond, Daniel, Charlotte, Kate, Sawyer, Miles, Lapidus, Claire, Sayid, Sun, Jin, Richard, Michael, Walt, Miles, Ana Lucia, Locke, Hurley and Benjamin lived on the island but when they died they moved on to Los Angeles, California for their afterlife. We learned that they were sent to heaven after forgiving people who hurt them, and were reunited with the people who mean most to them. In understanding the ending we look back to the series in 2007 and 2004.

In 2007, the characters helped in saving their friends and end up sacrificing their own lives and battling the Man in Black who was made mortal. In 2004, the timeline is revealed to have been an afterlife created by the survivors so they could find one another, in order to move on to “the next phase” together.

Thus, after six years, the series showed the relevance of doing good to others in order to enter heaven. The show was full of emotions and the actors did their piece of the pie. However, critics say some queries remained unanswered. A final promo video clip was made by Lost fan, check it out.


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