Machete Movie By Robert Rodriguez | Overview

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Machete is a movie directed by Robert Rodriguez. It revolves around the story of a Mexican immigrant who came to Texas to find work because of threats from a druglord. He then finds out that a lot of illegal immigrants were being sent back across the border by a tight handed corrupt senator.

He is then hired by a local businessman to kill the senator. Little did he know that the same businessman will betray him to orchestrate from the assassination attempt that an illegal immigrant is out to get the senator because of his side in the illegal immigration policies. The plan was to boost publicity for his campaign against illegal immigration. And so the story goes.

Playing the role of the main character is Danny Trejo (Machete Cortez). The knife wielding Machete is reminiscent to the hitman from the movie Desperado as the man called Navajas who uses throwing knives to kill his targets. The movie has been classified as a B-movie despite the fact that it had an all-star cast. Included in the cast were Michelle Rodriguez, Jessica Alba, Robert De Niro, Steven Seagal, Don Johnson, and Lindsay Lohan.

The movie has been criticized to contain elements of racism and could start racial conflicts. This gave the movie hype and interesting to note, a free publicity.


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    I LOVED IT!!!

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    lindsey’s coke habit must REAL ; expensive.

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