Mad Men Season Four On AMC Tonight!

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The season premiere of Mad Men will finally make its much-awaited return tonight on AMC at exactly 10 in the evening. According to reports, Season four of the undisputed TV series features a darker plot line in which actors of the show openly supported. The previous season ended with Don Draper (played by John Hamm) making a clean break with Dick Whitman and his wife Betty (portrayed by January Jones). He has also quit his job and decided to start his own advertising business called Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce.

So what can the audience expect on the new season? Based from the promotions of season four, this season will basically follow an ‘anything can happen’ plotline which is full of surprises and unexpected twists. The already heightened excitement of the show’s fans reached pinnacle point as Rich Sommer (Harry Crane in the series) stated in an interview that even the cast of the show is excited about the story line of the new season.

Sommer expressed that the cast is very grateful that they will finally be able to air something which they spent so many hours discussing and planning. He said that there will be episodes of the new season which will be ‘unbelievable’ to the extent that audience will be left clinging on the edge of their seats. Sommer also expressed his great delight at being a member of a show which is still well much respected even in its fourth season.


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