Manage Gmail Account Using Hotmail: Start Of Google-Microsoft Tandem?

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If you are the type of person who has one or two email accounts, and get lazy checking both of them because of logging-in on separate accounts, then you won’t have to worry now. Hotmail has the solution for your crisis in logging in to multiple email accounts.

Hotmail has introduced their new feature where you can manage your emails with your other email address like Gmail without having to log-in on that email. First, you have to register yourself in Hotmail. Then, you have to validate your non-Hotmail email address in order to access it. And that’s it. Now you can manage your Gmail account even if you are using Hotmail.

Hotmail is starting to modernize their interface and features to remain the title as the most popular webmail service, having 350 million users. Before their feature of having to manage Gmail through Hotmail, they also had a feature where you can send emails using another email address with the “Send As” feature.

But Hotmail is already feeling the competition from other email services such as Gmail and Yahoo where they are also starting to make their services much easier and more accessible to Internet users, especially now that these two email accounts are having features for multiple accounts as well. Hopefully, the 350 million users will still remain in Hotmail and continue to like their new features.

So far, I’m finding this new feature convenient since I also have multiply mail accounts, and sometimes get lazy accessing them all because I have to log-in on every email account. Now there is a reason for me to sign up to Hotmail now and use this feature.


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