Manny Pacquaio vs. Antonio Margarito: Pacquaio Beats Margarito for Eight World Title!

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And Manny Pacquiao has done it again!

The Filipino boxer has won a unanimous decision versus the heavier Antonio Margarito in the World Boxing Council Super Welterweight. He now won his eight world title as he beat the taller Mexican in 12-round fight  in Arlington, Texas.

The fight showed how determined the two boxers were as they went to their full in the 12 rounds, but Manny Pacquiao already had the control since the opening. The fight became intense when he punched Margarito that resulted to deep cut under the right eye aroung the 4th round. Despite that, Pacquiao could not bring the taller Mexiocan boxer down as the he continued to fight until the end.

“No way I was going to quit. I am Mexican and we fight to the end.” Margarito said through an interpreter.

Margarito had an advantage in terms of weight, height and reach, but in this fight, Pacquiao had shown that height did not matter and went through the fight with his speed and continuous punches.

The Mexican oftentimes traps Pacquiao in the ropes with his punches, but the Filipino boxer would answer back with a fury of punches and continuo it until the end of each round.

Around the 11th round, where Margarito’s face was already swollen and bloody, Pacquiao was signaling the referee in the hopes to stop the fight because he was concerned with his opponent’s health. When asked why he did this, Pacquiao said that “this is boxing. We are not here to kill people”. In the 12th round, Pacquiao took it easy because he just wanted to get through the round without doing a final knockdown.

By the end of round 12, Margarito’s face was swollen and his eyes were almost close.

Pacquiao landed 411 out of 713 punches on Margarito’s face and head, while the Mexican landed 135 out of 312 punches. The Filipino boxer had $15 million win or lose, plus around $10 million from pay-per-view proceeds. Margarito, on the other hand, was guaranteed $3 million and $6 million of the pay-per-views.

This was the hardest fight that Pacquiao had done and never expected Margarito to take those punches. “He’s strong. I never expected him to be as strong as he was. He’s a very tough fighter. I can’t believe he took those punches.”

He will be holding a concert in Los Angeles tomorrow night, and will be returning in the Philippines in a few days with a hero’s welcome. He did not mention though if he will be returning to the ring for another fight.


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