Marcus Jordan Can Dunk Like Dad Mike

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It looks like Marcus Jordan is following his dad’s footsteps.

The second eldest son of “Air Jordan” is showing off his athletic abilities as part of the basketball team in his school in Whitney Young High in Central Florida. And one of the abilities that he is showing off is soaring over and dunking his opponents—just like what his dad, Michael Jordan always did in the good old days.

On Tuesday night, Marcus intercepted some inbounds through the second half of the game. The Knights, the basketball team of Marcus, took on an in-state with opponent Stetson. Ridge Graham from Stetson stood at the baseline and just tossed the ball of teammate Luis Jacobo who just stood on the free throw line. Unknowingly to them, Marcus stole the ball and slammed it into the ring with all his might.

The Knights won in this game with 85-58 and it was here that Marcus had shown everyone how great of a basketball player he is.

Marcus has been developing his game and is emerging as one of the top players of the Knights as he enters his second year. When he was in freshman, he had earned himself a spot in the Conference USA All Freshman team and, since then, played in all 32 games. And maybe because of his abilities, he has contributed in making the Knights undefeated with the score of 4-0 and have recorded double-digit points total so far.

Due to his great abilities that he obviously inherited from his father, people are expecting more from Marcus as his abilities are honed every year he plays for the Knights. Hopefully, even though Air Jordan has retired, we get see more Jordan-like moves such as the dunk in the next years to come, as well as in the NBA itself.


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  1. not-impressed says:

    not impressive, just another dunk. what's all the hype with this? am i missing something?

  2. Antanas says:

    Whitney Young is the high school Marcus attended in Chicago. He currently attends the University of Central Florida, the clip is of him while playing for the University of Central Florida Knights.

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