Martellus Bennet Apologized For Nude Photos

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Adding to the list of athletes whose nude photos had circulated the net is the Dallas Cowboys tight end, Martellus Bennett. The football player had already released a statement saying that he was sorry for the release of his inappropriate photos. He also said that he regret the embarrassment this had caused his team.

The nude photos was said to be taken four years ago and was posted on the site Media Takeout. According to the said site, it was Bennett’s girlfriend who placed the photos online. It was also indicated that his old girlfriend posted it as revenge because he cheated on her.

Dallas Cowboys’ Vice President for communication Rich Dalrymple told the that Bennet and him had already talked about the nude photos last Monday and have plans on how to solve the problem.

Bennet is the third athlete this year who released an apology for the circulation of nude photos on the internet. Greg Oden, the Portland Trail Blazers center was the first to have nude photos online last January followed by San Antonio Spurs guard George Hill last February. It was also in the late 2009, when Grady Sizemore’s nude photos had also leaked in the net.

On the other hand, Bennet is now concentrating on his training with the team in order to win the next Super Bowl title.


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