Marvel Comics Will Kill One Fantastic Four Character?

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The fantastic foursome known as the Fantastic Four will soon become a trio!

Marvel Comics will be killing off one of the members of Fantastic Four, which are Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Human Torch and The Thing. The creation of the series of 50 years helped give way to the Silver Age of Marvel Comics.

According to Marvel Comics last Wednesday, one of the members will be killed on Issue No. 587—an event that will shock the Marvel Universe like never before. Tom Brevoort is the executive director who oversees the book and says that there have been clues in the issues that Jonathan Hickman wrote as to who is the possible member who will be killed.

He said that they have left too many clues, and in those clues, each of the characters was in a life-threatening situation that will make people have their guesses on who will die. Brevoot is hoping this will heighten the suspense and at the same time, let readers and fans be surprised by the revelation. In short, nobody knows for now who will die.

And because of this news, Marvel is doing everything in keeping the revelation secret at the release of Issue No. 587 on January 2011. The issue will be wrapped in black polybag and it will not be in newsstands to stop other people from spilling the news to others.

And this time, the death will be permanent. If in the past, there were stories where the dead came to life because of some circumstances, this time the character who will die will stay dead. The current story will end in Issue No. 588, and from there, the Fantastic Four will become a trio.

This is indeed a major event for the Marvel Comics Universe because Fantastic Four is one of the most loved superheroes of the fans. I’m sure a lot will be devastated when one of the members dies. Whoever it will be, he or she will be truly missed.


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