Matrix 4: Release Date and Review of Leaks

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If you think you’ve seen everything about the Matrix movie, think again!

Most people thought that the final movie of the Matrix was “The Matrix Revolutions.” The movie concluded about a peaceful life among machines and humans. However, the final two films of the trilogy are considered as “flops.” They did not make as much as the success of the first installment of the series. Still the last two films managed $1B in total earnings at the box office.

The news about the possible realization of two other “Matrix” movies is disclosed by its star, Keanu Reeves when he made a speech at the London School of Performing Arts. His main purpose was to promote his upcoming movie, “Henry’s Crime.”

In the US site, a correspondent wrote that Reeves met the Wachowski brothers at lunch last Christmas. They had worked out for two final scripts on the “Matrix” film. The brothers met James Cameron about the possible pros and cons of 3D. They were trying to work out on a new approach moviegoers have never seen before.

Keanu said that he would like to keep the excitement among “Matrix” fans so he wants to come up with a revolutionary version of the film. There are no official statements yet on the possible resurrection of the film. Rumors are yet to be verified by authorities. Let us just wait for further talks about this film.


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