Matt Hoffman Lied About Wife’s Condition Inside Big Brother’s House

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Matt Hoffman, one of the contestants for the season 12 of Big Brother had declared his self as the most intelligent person inside the house. As part of his so called “intelligent antics”, he told the House Guests that his wife has a rare disease known as melorheostosis.

During an interview, Julie Chen asked Matt’s wife Stacy if she believes that her husband’s act was an intelligent move. Her answer was that the brain of her husband works very differently from anybody else. She also said that although he is intelligent, he lacks commons sense. Stacy informed everybody that she was also shocked with what Matt had said. She didn’t approve of Matt’s lies about her having a disease.

Matt on the other hand, seemed to be getting empathy from the house guests. Julie once talked to him privately asking about how he felt lying to the House Guests. The host asked him what he thought about the lie he put up – whether it is working or not. Matt answered with a laugh and a big grin saying that he thinks it is working perfectly and that he already got three votes inside the house.

It seems that Matt is not concern whether there are other people being offended by his lie as long as he is getting a good position in the said contest. Matt Hoffman was once a vocalist of the band Shooting Blanks. According also to him, he has what it takes. He is smart and charismatic which will surely help him land the title for this season.


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