Maurkice Pouncey Snatched By Pittsburgh Steelers

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Maurkice Pouncey baptized as La Shawn Maurkice Pouncey had been snatched by Pittsburgh Steelers from the Gators making him the center of the team. He was also in footbal during his college years at Florida along with his twin brother Mike Pouncey as gurad for the Gators.

Pouncey was drafted 18th over all by the Pittsburgh Steeler in the 2010 National Footbal League Draft. The 20 year old newbie stands 6 feet 5 inches making him a perfect center for the team. He was the best center in the College Footbal 2009 and often included in the least performing offensive line.

Florida may be losing the best center in the programs history but his twin brother and some other talents may still get going in struglling for their games.

With the Gators’ lost, a gain was then given to the Pittsburgh Steelers owning a promising center player. For sure, Pouncey will contribute much to the overall success of the Steelers in the coming season.

He is known for his great drive and tenacity. Once Maurice Pouncey locks onto a defender, it is all over. He moves his feet well and keeps solid base underneath.


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