Mayweather vs. Marquez: Number One vs. Numero Uno

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mayweather poster The stage is set for the clash of former pound for pound king and undefeated champion, Floyd Mayweather Jr. and the 36-yr. old Mexican fighter, Juan Manuel “Dinamita” Marquez. The fight, dubbed as: Number One vs. Numero Uno, is exclusively covered by ABS-CBN Channel 2. The event will be televised on September 20 (PH time), September 19 (US time), at 10 am.

Marquez’s Boxing record as the current WBA & WBO Lightweight Champion is 55 fights, 50 wins (37 by KO), 4 losses and 1 draw. He has an Orthodox fighting style, and just to add, has strange training habits including drinking his own urine as an energy booster. The Dinamita (dynamite) will fight as a challenger against the undefeated Mayweather Jr. at a catch weight of 144lbs at the Welter Weight division.

On the opposite corner, Floyd Mayweather Jr., son of Floyd Sr. – Ricky Hatton’s coach, has an undefeated boxing record of 39 fights, 39 wins (25 by KO) and no losses. He is also an orthodox fighter who firmly believes, just like dad, that Marquez doesn’t have the skill nor the power to defeat him. We also heard him (Sr.) say that during the Pacquiao-Hatton fight and boy, he was dead wrong.

It’s also noteworthy to share that the Sept. 19 fight was the re-scheduled date of the original fight last July 18, 2009. But due to a “rib” injury Mayweather suffered during “training” the fight was postponed. We cannot imagine what kind of “rigorous” training Mayweather Jr. put on himself to suffer a rib wound like that. Perhaps, Mayweather Sr. cannot “stomach” another shameful loss like when Manny Pacquiao defeated Ricky Hatton.

Learn more about the two fighters on HBO Sports: 24/7

The 2 camps are ready to battle it out come this saturday (US time) at Las Vegas, Nevada. Will Marquez’s “extreme” training finally pay-off? Or Is Mayweather capable enough of adding another notch to his “untainted” career? (even after 2 yrs of vacation). We’ll soon have the answers.


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