Megan Fox Photo In Yearbook Steals The Limelight

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‘Transformers’ top biller  and Jennifer’s Body star Megan Fox’ photo in a yearbook is now becoming one of the  hottest internet search, just like photos of her thumbs. Many are believed to be curious if this gorgeous star and one among the most beautiful and pretty American models and Hollywood actresses underwent a plastic surgery few years back.

Some presumes that Megan Fox, 23 a did a nose job, breast implants and work on her lips.

megan fox yearbook photo megan fox yearbook

But the photos themselves depicts that Meagan was ever hot since high school days. Many commented that she looks better natural, while some believes that  she made some positive changes with her plastic surgery. Question whether she had a surgery or not is answered in the photo, or for some, arises more speculations.

The pictures online, are taken during her high school days and prove that since teen age days, Countless Teen Choice Awards nominee has ever been pretty, beautiful and hot. Fox made distinct recall to the Hollywood as she played Mikaela Banes in blockbuster hit Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and Jennifer’s Body in 2009.

Megan is “in a relationship” but has never been heard of intending to get married.



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  1. Hatemeganfox says:

    she did it, her lips look different in transformers 2 then one just look at megan in part one then part too of transformers you'll see the difference if you don't your in-love with this gurl 2much i dont hate her i just don't think she's all that pretty without make up and she compared michael bay to hitler who does that? oh yea ppl who don't likee JEWS:(.

  2. rumah says:

    yes she is looking really different in these pics

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