Merle Haggard Learns To Live With Himself

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“They handcuffed my ass and took me where they gas people,” Merle Haggard said as he looks back on the time he was in prison. He was in his early twenties and was serving time in prison when guards of San Quentin found him drunk after he’d fallen into a latrine.

This is a part of the many shattering stories that the country singer shared in Merle Haggard: Learning to Live With Myself. It is a PBS documentary that features the life of the country singer. Said documentary will be shown as part of the network’s “American Masters” series.

The show takes a closer look at the life of Haggard centering on his growing-up years in Bakersfield, California, the death of his father, his life as a teenager who repeatedly escaped youth institutions and how he later made it to the top of the Country Song industry ladder.

“It’s about how this guy is trying to accept himself and deal with everything that happened to him in his life when he was young,” says director Gandulf Hennig. For the documentary, Hennig trailed after Haggard for three years. He integrated Haggard’s early performances in the documentary. The film also shows interviews with Kris Kristofferson, John Foggerty, Keith Richards and Robert Duvall.


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