Mexicali Earthquake Felt By Over 20 Million People

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The quiet city of Mexicali was terrorized by a 7.2 magnitude earthquake which occurred around afternoon and lasted for several seconds.

The tremor has reportedly affected over 20 Million people majority of which were at Mexico and Southwest of United States.  Then, a 6-magnitude aftershock followed the strong quake and is feared to continue for several days.

Mexicali is the capital of the Mexican state of Baja California and lies on the US-Mexico border near Calexico, California. It has a fair population of around 653 thousand people and is considered the northernmost city in Latin America.

The fault line that shook Mexicali and adjacent cities in California is pretty long, runs 50 miles going northwest to California and is buried 6 miles beneath the surface. For now, only a few information about the accrued damage of the Mexicali quake can be assessed. However, it is obvious that there are huge amount of structure damages and lives taken because of this calamity. Several people are trapped in elevators, power outages, telephone lines down and buildings shattered are just some of the tragic evidences one can see.

Several firefighters and government crew are alerted to give immediate reliefs to those who are directly affected by the earthquake. We’ve seen similar tragic quakes occurred in other countries like Chile and Haiti just this year. Updates to follow.


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