Michael Douglas’ Tumor Gone For Good?

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The award winning actor Michael Douglas said in an interview with NBC that he had his cancer beaten.

He was diagnosed to have a stage 4 throat cancer which is more likely harder to treat than HPV related types of cancer. He is being treated in the Manhattan’s Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.

However, his doctors say that he had 80 percent chances of survival. The treatment was intense that chemotherapy and radiation were given at the same time. With the combination of these two procedures it’s expected that he’ll be cancer free in time.

Doctors claim that the optimistic prognosis does not occur often. Douglas’ case is treatable to its full recovery. Douglas was diagnosed with cancer but it was first more of a sore throat. He said that he’s been eating like a pig and his trying to gain extra pounds for the weight he lost during the treatment.

Dr. Cullen, Director of University of Greenebaum Cancer Center said Mr. Douglas is curable.

Let’s just wait for further development in his cancer case. I’m sure his millions of fans all over the world are worrying about him. Let’s pray that everything will be fine for Michael Douglas. Cancer is not an easy disease to beat and in his case of having stage 4 is such a serious case.


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