Joe Jackson Beats Son, Michael

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The King of Pop, which was never beaten in terms of his music, was beaten up by his father before becoming famous.

Joe Jackson admitted, though reluctantly, in The Oprah Winfrey Show that he beats his son, Michael, and the rest of his siblings because “it was for their own good”.

At first, he denied beating Michael saying that it had never happened. But he was forced to tell the truth when his wife Katherine would not hear the end of it and said in the interview that “that’s the way black people raised their children. He used a strap.” It turns out Joe Jackson punished his children by whipping them with a strap when they did something wrong, and doing it all over again.

“It kept them out of jail and kept them right,” according to Jackson. He also defended his relationship with Michael saying the pop star was never afraid of him, but was rather afraid of doing something wrong and “I’d chastise him”. But, he never beat Michael in the way that media has told the public: brutal and unreasonable.

The parents and kids of Michael Jackson were interviewed on The Oprah Winfrey Show on Monday. November 8. At first, Joe Jackson did not want t be interviewed, but Katherine prodded him and finally conceded. The show also interviewed Michael’s kids: Prince, 13, Paris 12 and Blanket, 8 about their relationship with their father and what they missed about him. Katherine also said in Oprah that Michael was insecure about his looks and was addicted to plastic surgery.

I already heard about Joe Jackson beating up Michael Jackson before and it was a hard beating. But even though Jackson told in Oprah that his beating was not that brutal and that it was for the good of his children, I still think this was the reason why Michael had a hard time struggling with his life. The way he disciplined his children is something that would shock parents now, saying he is so brutal and would conclude that this was the reason the King of Pop struggled in his life.


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