Big Michael “Mike” Lynche Booted From American Idol?

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Rumour has it that one of the American Idol aspirants has been asked to leave due to violation of confidentiality clause. Michael ‘Big Mike’ Lynche, brother of former American Idol 2004 contestant Marque Lynche Jr, lost his opportunity on the highly viewed TV show owing to a leak by none other than his own father.

Mr. Lynche’s father allegedly leaked to the public press that his son was one of the twenty four who made it to the cut after a long battery of nationwide auditions. Mr. Lynche Sr. had exposed that the rumours of his son being one of the top twenty four was true to a local newspaper, the St. Petersburg Times, supporting the speculations of fans who have been following the auditions very closely.

Michael lynche

Clearly this is a violation of the confidentiality clause in Idol in which families and friends of the aspiring contestant must not confirm or deny and reveal any matter regarding their status up and until the network chooses to divulge such information. It has been said that he has been replaced already over the weekend.

Big Mike is an aspiring recording artist in his own right with a style to be described to be a cross between artists such as: Gnarls Barkley, Outkast and R. Kelly. He would’ve been the second in his family to make it to Idol, after his brother back in 2004. It was shared that Lynche took a chance and tried out for the talent show to prove that he had what the potential to be a successful musician himself, after years of simply being an avid spectator of the show.

FOX Network, however, has still not confirmed or denied to this rumor, leaving us in anticipation as to the fate of this would be Idol contestant.


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    get him out, let alex lambert in!

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