Michigan State Spartans Stuns Notre Dame | Football News

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One hour is just not quite enough time for the Spartans and The Fighting Irish. The game held at East Lansing just had to go into overtime. Michigan State and Notre Dame came together for over 900 yards of defensive play.

Notre Dame has been unable to stop Michigan’s unruly running game. Le’Veon Bell who is a freshman at Michigan State accomplished 112 yards on 16 carries and even managed one touchdown. Another name to mention is that of Edwin Baker’s, he is a sophomore at Michigan State and he obtained 92 yards on 13 carries. He was also able to incorporate a 56-yard scoring run.

However, those did not take away Notre Dame’s performance. The Fighting Irish gave the Spartans a run for their money when it came to Notre Dame’s wide open passing attack. Dayne Crist who is a quarterback for Notre Dame threw 368 yards and accomplished four touchdowns. Crist’s direct target is Theo Riddick. Theo has apprehended 10 passes for 127 yards.

This game was the much anticipated game of the night. Die hard fans were able to spend the day partying and tailgating. They were in for a good game as the event went into overtime as it was tied 28-28. In the end, it was the Spartan fans that got to cheer the loudest with a final score of 34-31.


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