Mikey Arroyo’s reply to the “Mikey buying wine” photo during bagyong ondoy

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Guys, do you still remember what pinoytutorial posted about the Alleged “Mikey arroyo buying wine” photo during bagyong ondoy ? Thousands of pinoys got infuriated with that single shot said to be taken in Rustans Mall (liquor section) on Katipunan road, Quezon Ave. Yesterday, It seems our favorite presidential-son has finally replied to clear-out his name. Now, I’m not sure if Mikey did a good job on answering the question? I’ll give you the honor to judge this one out.

Coming from thedailytribune, Rep. Juan Miguel “Mikey” Arroyo bashed the people (bloggers, social media) behind the posting of his insensitive buying-wine photoshoot during the amidst of bagyong “ondoy”. On a text-message.

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The young Arroyo, though not denying it was him on the picture posted at Facebook, said it was rather impossible for him to stop by at Rustan’s Supermarket on Katipunan Avenue in Quezon City last Saturday to pick up some wines as the bloggers suggest as the street was rendered impassable by the floods.

“My picture posted at Facebook with a caption saying I was busy shopping for wine at the height of Typhoon Ondoy is another malicious attack at my personality. It is so depressing,” Arroyo said. “How could that be possible that I was at Rustan’s on Katipunan Avenue at the height of Typhoon Ondoy when Katipunan Avenue was impassable at that time?”

“It’s so unfortunate that while we were so busy then trying to help ease the sufferings of our kababayan, some people had the guts and the temerity to peddle malicious innuendos at the expense of others,” he added.

The young Arroyo, suggested instead of resorting to grandstanding gimmickry at his expense, the bloggers should also busy themselves helping their countrymen who are still reeling from the effects of the worst natural calamity the country had experienced in decades.

Kahit ang anak ko namimigay ng relief goods. Sana sila din may nagawa para makatulong sa ating mga kababayan na naging biktima ng kalamidad. Diyos na ang bahala sa kanila,” Arroyo said. “Basta ako, I still have so many things to do to help our poor countrymen who were severely affected by Typhoon Ondoy. This is not the time to deal with people who are peddling half-truths and half-liespara lang sumikat.”

Arroyo said he believes blogging should still be regulated as it has become more susceptible to abuses by unscrupulous people.

“Nonetheless, I hope that Facebook and other like mediums be regulated so they can never be subjected to abuse by some scrupulous people. Facebook is easily susceptible to abuses as people can easily hide their identities,” he stressed. “Masahol pa sila sa kwentong barbero.”

Lets analyze what Mikey has just said:

On the 1st paragraph, you can see that Mister Arroyo didn’t answer the question directly thus he merely said

“It’s impossible for me to be on Katiputan Avenue ‘coz the streets was inundated with water”.

I kind of remember this type of fallacitous approach on regards of answering a question. On Logic subject, it’s called “circular reasoning/ Reasoning in a circle” thus it implies that if you stated something on your premise that could be quite true then you already assume that the conclusion is the truth.

On Mikey’s answer he claims on his premise that “It’s impossible for him to visit katipunan at that time ‘coz it was flooded” therefore he already assumed (circuitously) that he might not be the one on the picture (though said indirectly).

This is a False approach to a very simple question that could be answered just by replying “Yes or No”.

Now Mister Arroyo, changes the topic and bounce the ball back to the people who is blaming him. He called these folks as

“Masahol pa sila sa kwentong barbero”

Ehem, mister I hope you still remember the day when Winnie Monsod and Arnold “Igan” Clavio roasted you literally on a live-telecast of “Unang hirit” 3 weeks ago (September 3, 2009). Millions of pinoys who are watching their tube can’t help themselves calling you a “liar”

One person in youtube even made a comment giving you the title as the “the world’s dum… criminal” see more details here.

To bring-back that loving feeling from fellow Filipinos. Here’s the 2-part video.

Jeez, look at part 1 of 2 (8 :00-10:00) it seems our first-son got his tongue slippery there and Winnie Monsod sees right through him. I think it’s sheer-stupidity to face 2 professional anchor news reporter without having a coach from your lawyer in which Mikey’s case, his attorney is having a vacation at the moment of the interview.

Now going back to Mikey’s comment about the people he now called “Masahol pa sila sa kwentong barbero” I hope at least our first-son got goosebumps on that texting tirade.


Checking the other statements of young Arroyo blaming social-media and bloggers of not contributing any help during the height of the calamity. Hmm? I guess Mikey got his mouth over his head again.

On this recent link coming from Inquirier.

It’s said that internet-users “netizens” played a big role on helping victims during storm “ondoy”. There are a lot of amazing stories on how facebook, twitter helped rescuers know where the other victims. Students from flooded Universities like UST used the said social-networking sites to made contact with their parents ‘coz at that time the signal from their mobile phones is out-of-reach.

Furthermore, bloggers around the country shared their insight and spread the news on how to donate relief goods to help the victims.

Now, does that sound “unhelpful” oh our dearest first-son?

Maybe if we are living in Iran, China or perhaps UAE your dreams of ousting Facebook could be quite possible. But I guess Filipinos know better than that.

So what do you think guys, did Mikey’s “text-messages” answer your inquiries? Or was it too hard for you to swallow?

(sources: Thedailytribune, inquirier)


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    Oh my God, oops use God's name in vain!!! Mikey has got to be the DUMBEST politician I have seen!!!

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    Correction, I mean, not to use God's name in vain so I'll rephrase, He is the DUMBEST politician I have seen in my lifetime!!!!!!

  3. Merced says:

    Don't be so hard on him. At least he gave us enjoyment how he got so dumb in front of madam Winnie. He was so ridiculous, trying to outdo Madam Winie. lolo

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