Miley Cyrus Racy Photos Hit The Web – Not the Bong!

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Miley Cyrus is now closing 2010 with a bang by coming out of scandalous pictures that makes people think: what has happened to this girl?

The 18-year-old singer has hit the web this time with photos of her in compromising positions, showing some skin and little clothing. One of the pictures showed her assistant almost licking her breast while she is wearing very tight, little clothing. Then there were pictures where she was posing beside four men, and then putting up her shirt to show a tattoo right under her breast.

She was also shown together with some dancers in a not-so-good way. Just a few weeks ago, a video was leaked in the internet showing Miley smoking salvia in California.

By seeing these pictures, it’s obvious that the teen pop star is getting out of control, and if she is not careful, she might end up just like Britney or Lindsay Lohan. Also, these pictures are enough to make parents faint because this is not the type of girl that they want their kids to idolize. Somebody should help her control her bad behavior. One theory that most people are saying is that this is the way she is dealing with the separation of Billy Ray and Tish Cyrus, as well as them selling their Toluca Lake house.

If this is the case, then Billy or Tish or both of them should help Miley before she really gets out of control in her behavior and end up in real trouble. They should set aside their differences first for awhile and help each other to make Miley become a better person before it is too late. She is a teenager for crying out loud. It’s normal for her to cope with the separation by going wild and doing these things.



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