Miss Universe 2010 Question and Answer (Top 5)

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And the tradition lives on! For the Miss Universe 2010 pageant, held yesterday at the beautiful city of Las Vegas.

And just in case you happened to miss the most crucial part of the event, then here’s the complete list for top 5 question and answer portion.

Arrange In descending order.

1) Miss Philippines: Maria Venus Raj (Fourth Runner-up)

miss philippines 2010 question and answer

Judge: William Baldwin


What is one big mistake that you made in your life and what did you do to make it right?


Thank you so much sir for the wonderful question. Good evening ladies and gentlemen! Good evening Las Vegas! You know what sir, in my 22 years of my existence, I can say there is nothing major, major, I mean, problem that I have done in my life, because I am very confident with my family and with the love that they are giving to me. So thank you so much that I am here! Thank you, thank you so much.

2) Miss Australia: Jesinta Campbell (Third Runner-up)

miss australia 2010 question and answer

Judge: Niki Taylor


Legislation banning certain kind of religious clothing has caused controversy around the world what role should the government play in determining such a personal preference.


One of the greatest things we have is the freedom of choice. And tonight, we wore our swimsuits (which) were designed by Tala and she said that fashion is freedom and I don’t think the government should have any say in what we wear because we can all make our own personal choices.

3) Miss Ukraine: Anna Poslavskaya (Second Runner-up)

miss ukraine 2010 question and answer

Judge: Jane Seymour


Many airports are now using full-body scanners how do you feel about going through a scanner that can actually see through your clothes?

Answer (Translated in English)

I think it is a very important question of security. To avoid the type of catastrophes which we already seen and we are well-aware of them. So if that helps save the lives of people then I’m for it.

4) Miss Jamaica: Yendi Phillips (First Runner-up)

miss jamaica 2010 question and answer

Judge: Tamron Hall


Some countries still accept the death-penalty. Is it acceptable? And why?


Good Evening, Las Vegas. Good Evening, judges. I believe that life is a gift, a gift given by only one ultimate Creator and I believe that none of us as humans have the right to take a life. And I believe that we as mere beings of the earth have no right to control what it is that only one person can control and that is God. Thank you.

5) Miss Mexico: Jimena Navarrete (Miss Universe 2010 Winner)

miss mexico 2010 question and answer

Judge: Evan Lysacek


In your opinion, what effect is unsupervised Internet use having on today’s youth?

Here comes the winning answer! (Translated in English)

Good Evening, Las Vegas. Well, I do believe that Internet is an indispensable, necessary tool for the present time. And we must be very careful and watch over what our children watch and see, our teenagers watch and see and we must be sure to teach them the values that we learn as a family. So that they may use Internet properly. Thank you.


So what do you think? Do you believe Miss Mexico deserved the crown? Or was it the other contestant who’s your bet was on? Show us in your comments below


Some good samaritan had uploaded the complete question and answer portion on youtube. Watch it before it gets banned!


20 Responses for “Miss Universe 2010 Question and Answer (Top 5)”

  1. Robert says:

    Why did Miss Mexico win? Her answer was as stupid as Miss Philippines…Miss Jamaica should have won!

  2. Chhuana Chhurliana says:

    Miss Jamaica is the one who deserves the Crown.

  3. Jhoy says:

    Ofcourse I was also disappointed about the answer of Ms. Venus Raj, but she's one of my bets. The other one is Ms. Jamaica, she should win the crown

  4. Angel says:

    Miss Jamaica and Miss Ukraine both had good answers. Miss Ukraine was brief but direct and had a clear stand of her personal view. Miss Jamaica was true to her faith. On the other hand, Miss Australia was on the right track but lacked convincing support of her answer. While Miss Mexico's points were all true, she did not actually answer what was being asked in the question. And lastly, Miss Philippines, I fairly understand what she was trying to point out. Perhaps she's the type of person who, whenever commiting a mistake, accepts it and bears the consequences with all the love and support of her family, without necessarily trying to correct it but maybe avoiding the same mistake the next time. That is possibly why she did not have any "major major problem" when dealing with mistakes. Although she was not able to successfully express herself.

  5. Shey says:

    Miss Jamaica has the best answer, because the best question was given to her! It just simple as that. Nobody answered like stupid. They're just nervous.. especially Miss Venus Raj, she's just really nervous!

  6. albert says:

    they should only ask one question fair enough to all

  7. Maurine says:

    there's no question that Ms Jamaica had the best answer. Was it too religious for the judges??? She deserved the crown all the way!!!!!

  8. Tyrone says:

    Well,I just wanna congratulate the newly crowned Miss Universe-Miss Mexico.Jimena Navarrete.She had really made a good and exact answer.Well, all of them provided and gave substantive ideas and thoughts,but there was really one candidate there who really impressed me.Miss Jamaica and Miss Australia-they were really beautiful and smart.Actually,they’re my bets.I really thought that Miss Jamaica would go over the crown, but unfortunately,she didn’t make it.However, I would still like to congratulate her and the newly crowned Miss Universe 2010- Jimena Navarrete.She deserved the crown!Congratulations!

  9. bianca says:

    i should have place Australia or Ukraine for their answers. They both answered their respective questions confidently and precisely. I think Jamaica's answer is the answer that all of us would say, so for me that was a give away already. Mexico, did not answer the question that was asked to her. she just like answered coz that is what she wants to say.

  10. renzmart says:

    thiers a chance that philippines won the crown….if she never say twice these major major……if i am the participant from the philippines in ms.universe its simple.i would say that we can make sure that we learn from the present.but once a lot we can rewind our past and make sure dont do it again…………renz mart martir from philippines…..thank you…..

  11. ChaosNOuveau says:

    For all fairness, I think that they should have done what was originally done in previous Ms. Universe pageants wherein the top 5 were put into soundproof booths and one by one, they would come out and answer the same question asked to the other four.
    Just like solving a math problem, it is not fair to judge the best out of five if the units are all different. One should convert the units, in this case questions, so they're the same before judging.

  12. Mark Niel says:

    I,m with ChaosNOuveau's comments and reactions. For me, Miss Mexico do not deserved to be crowned Miss Universe 2010. Her answer is not related to the question asked.

  13. brice says:

    the verdict should be like this

    4th runner up – Mexico
    3rd runner up- Ukraine
    2nd runner up – Philippines
    1st runner up – Australia
    Miss Universe 2010- Jamaica

  14. haley says:

    miss mexico's answer is not an answer, its more on advise!!

  15. for me miss jamaica anwered correctly she is the one who deserved and won't as being a miss universe 2010

  16. for me venus raj. . is more pretty rthan the contestant. . . . i guess

  17. edmar says:

    i think william baldwin's question is a mistake … it's not appropriate asking mistake to somebody that is still very young . and the question sounds like it has an exact answer related to venus . who's agree??

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