Monterey Bay Aquarium Strategies Revealed

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There are two ways to cope once the foundation of a certain business starts to become compromised. Either the company changes their whole business strategy or try as much as possible to save their failing foundation. The Monterey Bay Aquarium is a business which decides to take up both directions to preserve their primary aim. The Monterey Bay Aquarium is a company which focuses on informing the public about underwater life and the danger this ecosystem currently faces due to climate change, pollution, and overfishing.

Overfishing caused approximately 90% of the large fishes around the world to become almost endangered while climate change and pollution leads to ocean acidification which negatively affects fishes’ ability to spawn. Since these factors have a huge possibility of closing down Monterey Bay’s business, the company decided to change some of its strategies to adapt.

First, Monterey Bay modified their business model from concentrating only on showcasing the beauty of underwater life. Together with their usual breathtaking exhibits, they have now posted charts which briefly explain the real status of the ocean’s systems. The company is also concentrating now on saving the fish population with their release of Seafood Watch cards. These cards serve as a guide for consumers to identify which fishes are safe to eat. Through the use of these cards, the population of fishes which are already endangered will no longer be compromised.

Lastly, Monterey Bay is now also working to improve the state of the oceans through a sub-type of their Seafood Watch card called ‘the super green list’. This list explains the important connection between ocean health and humans so that people will learn the concept of sustainable fishing.


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