Mount Sinabung Volcano Erupts After 400 Years

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Who would have ever thought that Mount Sinabung a 400-year-dormant volcano in Indonesia would erupt again? Mount Sinabung located in the north of Sumatra island erupted this Sunday creating confusion among the people causing about 21,000 of them to flee to evacuation sites. Many flights have also been delayed due to volcanic ashes.

According to Mr. Surono, a government volcanologist the eruption again happened early Monday producing black ash and soot two kilometers into the air. He claims that this eruption was greater than Sunday’s. Ashes and smoke are seen several kilometers high into the atmosphere. So far no casualties have been reported.”The situation is under control. Emergency response teams are already on the scene,” said Priyadi Kardono of the National Disaster Management Agency.

The Center for Volcanology and Geological Disaster Mitigation classified Mount Sinabung as an inactive volcano. No one has ever thought that one day it would blow up again and awaken the peaceful villagers of Sumatra. Last Saturday the center of volcanology already issued an order for families to evacuate on the 6 km radius around the volcano.

Relief workers help in providing shelter and medical aid to those affected by the eruption. The workers say that there is an immediate danger among the villagers especially on respiratory problems. To protect them from the thick ash and smoke that has surrounded the atmosphere thousands of face masks have been given out.


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