Mystery Missile Caught On Tape In California!

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First UFO sightings, now a mysterious missile launch.

America is being filled with mysterious sightings the past days starting with the bright blue light in Centerville, Virginia. Now a mysterious missile launch was seen in the skies of Southern California on Monday night.

The mysterious missile launch was caught on camera by KCBS’ helicopter cameras on Monday and, despite saying that it was from the military, the officials are denying that they even had a missile launching that time.

The missile’s location was 35 miles out to sea, and when the Navy was asked if a missile was fired from the vessel, officials told media that none of their vessels fired one. Vandenberg Air Forces Base was also asked because it was a regular launch point for missile tests, but they also denied having missile activity.

When the video was shown to former Deputy Secretary of Defense, Robert Ellsworth, he said “it’s spectacular” and it takes people’s breath away. For him though, it could be that the missile could be a missile test as a demonstration of American military as President Obama tours around Asia. Media also asked Defense official and they said that Pentagon has found no schedule of missile launches in California as well.

There are some experts though who think that the mysterious missile is an optical illusion made by the fragments of the night sky and setting sun. It could be a plane flying off the distance, and the light seen from the top of the missile is actually a reflection from the sun. According to Ivan Oelrich of the Federation of American Scientists, the mystery missile has the characteristics of a missile and an optical illusion that involves a plane contrail.

Another thing that adds to the mystery of the missile is Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has not approved any commercial launches in the area of Los Angeles. They also saw in a radar replay that there were no fast moving unidentified targets in the same area as well, so it is impossible that it is a plane.

Well, whatever it is, it sure adds to the mysterious things happening in the skies of America. This could well be connected to a UFO sighting, but being mysterious is what makes people more curious about these sightings. But somehow, I think it is much better to not know what these sightings are and just let them remain as it is: a mystery.

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