Mythbusters’ Erik Gates Dies in a Freak Accident

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Erik Gates was most well known for his appearances on shows like Master Blasters and Mythbusters. He was also a member of the Roc-Aholics on a show called The Blasters of Oz. After the news of his death, the executive producer of Mythbusters, Dan Tapster, said that the show’s season premier will be dedicated to Erik Gates.


Last December 20, 2009, the resident of Thousand Oaks, California, was walking across the roof of a building he was working on and fell through a skylight. He owned an electrical company called Gateco Electric, and they were working on the Xirrus Inc. building located at 2101 Corporate Center Drive in Newbury Park. He was doing contract work for his brother, Dirk Gates, who is the executive officer of Xirrus.

The fall happened about 3:30pm and Gates fell roughly 30 feet, and after the fall he was still conscious and talking. He was taken to the hospital where he died because of his injuries. The whole thing was a freak accident. Gates was used to taking precautions and doing dangerous things without getting hurt. He was a married father of three, and was an avid skydiver and rocket hobbyist. He will be remembered well and it will serve as a warning to others to always be careful.


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