Natalie Holloway Body Found After 5 Years

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Suspected remains of Natalie  Ann Holloway 18, an American student who gone astray in Aruba nearly five years ago, 30th day of May 2005 during a high school trip is believed to found, according to latest report.

Allegedly, there was a couple named John and Patti Muldowney from Pennsylvania  that made statement to the Police, saying they have discovered the body under the deep waters, and captured in camera something that seems a human remain. The couple believe that it was Natalee Holloway’s corpse that they found during their snorkeling submerge last year in October 2009. The couple described that they snapped photos under the deep waters closer to Caribbean Island.

A  Joran van der Sloot, who seems to be the suspect confessed before the Authorities that he made responsible for  disposing Natalie’s body. However there was no enough evidence yet  to charge him the crime.

FBI  Special Agent Frank Burton Jnr. confirmed the receipt of the said photo, and was passed to the lead agent in Miami. But in the end, nobody claims to have received the supposed evidence.

As of this writing, the cause of Natalie’s disappearance had not ever been disclosed to public. Police has also not charged any person in this case although there is suspect in police custody right now.


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