National Margarita Day 2010

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Monday, February 22, although not really official was declared as National Margarita Day. Some hates National Margarita Day because it falls on a Monday. The first day of work is considered as the worst day of the week to get drunk.

Some thanked God and wished that the most in need of a holiday providing an excuse to get drunk. But the same it was just an unfortunate result of the 2010 calendar.

Surely many are wondering why a cold, fruity, summery drink such as the margarita is commemorated in February. The dead of winter! For some people, margarita day is more likely to be celebrated if it were June. But for those who live in New York, where the sidewalks are currently covered in dog-soiled snow that, they will understand the sort of resemblance of a foul frozen cocktail,

According to studies, Americans on average drink 185,000 margaritas per hour, making it almost a patriotic duty to imbibe. National Margarita Day might not be a real holiday, considering it’s not on Wikipedia, the decider of all reality. But plenty of people out there were delighted to have an excuse to enjoy an adult beverage after a long day at work — especially on a Monday.


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