New Facebook Profile Page Available!

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Facebook is really evolving with its new profile page. This new feature is revamped, more detailed and creative that makes the profile page more interesting to read.

The new Facebook Profile Page is now available for the public hours before Mark Zuckerbegr will talk about it on the show 60 minutes. One major change is the new layout that shows more of the visual aspects of the profile. The information of the user such as hometown, birthday, and relationship status are now placed on the top of the page. Below it is a stream of photos that you have been tagged on recently, but you also have the option to keep this hidden from people so as to show more pictures of you.

To navigate around the page, the tab can be found below the profile picture. In all of the tabs, the “Info” tab had the biggest change as you see that it is more visualizing than before. Pictures of your workplaces, schools and interests have appeared for your friends to know more what exactly are your interests and what type of person are you. You have the option to select which interests are worth putting a picture.

Another major change is categorizing your friends and letting them appear in your profile page. You can categorize them to wither colleagues, best friends, officemates or high school friends. In this way, your profile page is organized and friends will see who your friends are.

The last, but definitely not the last change is that you have the choice of switching or not switching to the new profile page feature. Facebook is not forcing you to change, though Zuckerberg says it won’t be long before all users change to the new one.

The moment I found out about this and visually saw its changes, I changed my profile page and, to be honest, I like it a lot. I think this change will be for the better as it is more detailed than the old profile pages. It is also much more personalized because just by looking at the profile, you’ll know exactly what kind of a person that user is. Nice job Facebook!



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