Nicki Minaj Kicked out of Luxurious Dorchester Hotel!

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Nicki Minaj has been kicked out of Dorchester Hotel in London after her battalion of fans has proven to be very hard to take care of.

At first, she refused to check out from the hotel and tweeted later that she needed her ‘barbz’ to rescue her and she won’t go anywhere without. She was finally sent out of the hotel and sources stated that she’d be staying in a different hotel for the rest of her London visit. She is swarmed by fans wherever she goes. It seems that she brings troubles in every place she lands to!

In the same city, several incidents of fan riots and misbehaviors have been reported since day one that she’s been in the place. While in London, she has never failed to entertain her fans with her crazy antics and out of this world costumes. The 26-year old singer is known to be a fashion freak who tries on everything under the sun to the pink Simpson hairstyle to an intergalactic alien costume.

Nicki is one of fast rising stars in her category. She is the new Lady Gaga of the year. Like the latter, Nicki also wears colorful costumes and wigs that have been one of the reasons why she has captured the attention of the masses. Because of this, young fans are very well fascinated by her so mobs are present wherever she goes.


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