Nintendo 3Ds Is Not Good For Children?

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Nowadays, game consoles are being played by younger and older kids, especially those who are below six years old because parents are a bit lenient now. But when it comes to Nintendo’s upcoming product, Nintendo 3DS, they highly recommend that parents do not allow their children below six years to play it because of the damage it could cause to the development of the eye.

The Nintendo 3DS will let players have the option to play games on 3D instead of the old-fashioned 2D without wearing 3Dglasses. And because of this, Nintendo has warned in their Japanese website that using the 3D version of the game could cause stunted eye development of the child. It will come in February for Japan, while it will come out on March in Europe and US, with an estimated cost of £200.00.

To prove that they are serious with the warning, their designers have equipped a handset with parental lock that will deactivate the 3D version and even prevents children from switching it back on. So, as a result, they will be playing the 2D version. For players above six, they are advising them to take at least 30 minutes of breaks for those playing the 3D version to prevent eye strain and damage. Some of the symptoms that it could cause are dizziness, nausea and seizures.

It is not only Nintendo who has been coming out with this kind of health warning, as Samsung, Sony and Panasonic have provided warnings in their websites about the risks of 3D viewing for children.

For Nintendo USA, their spokesman, Charlie Scibetta, declines to comment on the health warning, while a spokesperson in Nintendo Japan could not be reached as of this writing.

Well, what they could say is true because children under six years old are still on the stage where their eyes are developing into an active state, and the 3D viewing could harm the development as it is still growing. Parents will just have to wait until their children grew up before they coukd expose them to 3D viewing.


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