North Carolina Football Investigation | Sports News Update

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The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill recently conducted an academic investigation concerning its football program. This adds up to the current investigation being made by NCAA in connection with the players’ conduct on contacting sports agents, which is illegal according to association rules.

Breach in school regulations came when several players were alleged to have passed papers created by a former tutor of the team who’s no longer with the said university. Although the extent of the investigation is not known, there is a probability that thirteen players will not be in the game against Louisiana State University due to NCAA violations. And with the additional academic investigation, the number reaches fifteen as those uncertain to play because of probes.

No one envisioned that academic infractions will be added to the ongoing investigations of the NCAA on agent contacts. Butch Davis, the coach for the team has to make quick decisions in reshuffling his lineup and prepare for the worse.

The Tar Heels, which is the UNC’s team name in NCAA, is currently ranked at 18th among the playing football team in the collegiate level. With their primary players lost to AgentGate scandals and school probes, this would put their season in jeopardy, and likely, the integrity of the school’s football program.


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