North Korea Bombs South Korea: World War 3 on Korean Wars?

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North Korea and South Korea are “at war” as both are exchanging artillery shells towards each other and resulting to people being injured and killed.

At least 50 artillery shells from North Korea landed on the island of Yeonpyeong at 5:34 in the afternoon and hit South Korea’s military base, houses and mountains. This resulted to 16 marines and 3 civilians being injured, many people being evacuated to shelters, and some innocent people getting killed.

A witness told the media that houses and mountains were on fire, and “People are frightened to death.” More than 1,600 people evacuated as smoke rose up from the island and a lot of houses were damaged.

The firing of North Korea came days after it announced that they had a modern uranium enrichment plant that made people thought they are developing a nuclear weapon.

Meanwhile, South Korea fired back artillery shells as well to North Korea but no casualties were reported by the latter. According to North Korea, South Korea fired at them first and they just retaliated back the attack. In response, South Korea said that they were just doing military exercises and that the shellings were not directed to them.

Due to the many casualties, the White House directed North Korea to “halt its belligerent action”. WH Press Secretary Robert Gibbs says that they are “firmly committed” to South Korea’s defense. SK’s President Lee Myung-bak ordered the military to retaliate against North Korea in case they have attack once more.

But North Korea stands firm in blaming South Korea for the incident and would “continue to make merciless military attacks with no hesitation if the South Korean enemy dares to invade our sea territory by 0.001mm.”

This is one of the worst clashes between North and South Korea since the conflict ended without any peace treat in 1953. Up until now, there have been no ceasefire and clashes continue between the two, despite a lot of people having been injured and hurt.

This is sad news for me though because it just shows there are still places out there at war with each other. And it is affecting a lot of innocent people who have nothing to do with the war. I know it will be long time that these clashes will end, but I hope the government does something about it in order to at least lessen the casualties.



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