Oklahoma State’s Victory Over SMU | Football News

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Oklahoma State football team ended victorious last Friday, September 10, 2010 against the SMU Mustangs. The team scored two during the first half and luckily, the game ended in favor of Oklahoma in a 2-1 score which was held at Westcott Field.

According to Coach Bill Young they were very happy with their win despite the many things they will still have to work on as a team. He said there are times that their defense needed better strategy. However, efforts of the team did go well and he was very happy with it.

The coach also mentioned that players Richetti Jones, Markelle Martin, Anthony Rogers, Orie Lemon and Ugo Chinasa had the team intact for winning. Markelle Martin was considered their best player for the said game. He did have several hits as expected from him. Richetti Jones was commended well and was noticed to have played better in the game. Jones was seen to have improved over time as well as Anthony Rogers. According to Young, the new young players in the defensive line like Rogers and Davidell Collins also played “very good.”

Next stop of the team will be a game against the Trojans. Coach Young said that Troy’s offense is similar to them. He talked about the opportunity they had studying their opponent and was positive that it will help them counter Troy’s offenses.


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