Oliver Purnell – New Head Coach For DePaul University

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It’s confirmed! Oliver Purnell is “crowned” the new head coach for DePaul University’s Blue Demons.

The NCAA match might be over but not the news, scoops and controversies. Rumor has it that Clemson University’s coach Oliver Purnell was seen lingering at DePaul University Campus. Nobody expected this to happen since Clemson just extended Purnell’s contract up to 2014 2 years ago.

Now, reports confirmed that DePaul University indeed gave Purnell a 7 year contract deal to manage their basketball team from now on. There is a scheduled press conference by DePaul University to announce Purnell’s taking over the Head coach position of DePaul Blue Demons. We’re expecting mix reactions from NCAA fans and other head coaches. Perhaps, this string of events will put a “stain” on Mr. Purnell’s NCAA record as a coach.

Basketball has been in Oliver Purnell’s blood since his college days at Old Dominion University in Virginia. Purnell served as an assistant coach at ODU and helped it to reach 7 post seasons at NCAA and NIT. After ODU, Purnell was hired by other Universities to become head coach of their basketball team because of his talent in harnessing the players’ innate skills. Several other credits were given to Purnell during his coaching career. And even while at Clemson University, Purnell is given recognition for the wonderful job he has done to improve the Tigers’ performance.

And now the controversy. The clear motives of Oliver Purnells sudden shift in head coaching career is still unknown. Is it money? Possible! But, we heard that Clemson increased his salary when his contract was extended to 2014. Well, just wait, the truth will be revealed one way or another.


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