Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) Is A Success?

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Oprah Winfrey considers her OWN television network as a ‘gift.’

It generated 866 messages for the first two days of its launched. This is a very positive reception from millions of fans all over the world. And, she actually read 200 of them herself!

According to CEO Christina Norman, the first two days of OWN’s airing was a success with 13.6 million viewers in 3 days.

The channel kicked off with just one live daily show which is hosted by Gayle King. However, people might be tired of repetition.

Oprah needs original content for her network so OWN started a contest where the winner will be able to host his or her TV program for six episodes, which according to Oprah is the real message of the network “you can do it!”

This means more work for Oprah who said that she’s going to do more work than ever and that her next holiday would be in 2014.

Mixed reactions– positive and negative are being posted by people online. Many genuinely loves Oprah and they are in full support of this new endeavor from the ‘Queen of Talk Shows.’ People who are not quite convinced say that this is just the same old TV that they are fed of.

The success of the network isn’t yet to be determined but its fate depends on the viewers.


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