Oprah Winfrey’s Newfound Sister on Camera!

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Gayle King, Oprah’s long time best friend revealed Oprah’s family secret!

She said the talk-show queen was in total shock upon hearing about the news when she first heard about her half sister, Patricia. Patricia is Oprah’s half sister who, is a mother of two, had been given up for adoption in Milwaukee by Oprah’s mother in 1963. Oprah revealed that she was 9 years old, living with her father in Tennessee. She had no idea that her mother was pregnant.

Patricia’s last name was not revealed in the show. She said she first found out about her connection to the talk show queen in 2007 after her long search for her mother, Vernita Lee. This was extraordinary that somebody who has this info about Oprah did not sell it to the media. She said the she was not trying to get near Oprah but her mother.

Oprah’s mother kept the adoption secret for 40 years that she even denied Patricia when she first approached her.

See this brief news report from CBS News:

This is a great reunion for Oprah; having reunited is a big accomplishment more than the glamour of spotlight and fame. She’s a well-known celebrity for her kind deeds and she is reaping the benefits of those good deeds in her life now. Oprah is known to have not a good memory about her childhood and family life.


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