Panda Cow: Crossbreed Miniature Cow Revealed

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In what could be one of the cutest and rarest animals on Earth, a northern Colorado family had revealed the newest member of their farm—a Panda Cow.

Chris and Pam Jessen welcomed, Ben, a panda cow which is an uncommon crossbreed because of its rare coloration. This is a result of farmers attempting to produce a cow with the same coloration and pattern with that of the Chinese panda. This was first done by a Washington farmer named Richard Gradwohl and worked for it for 44 years. Ben is the latest of his work and is now the 25th panda cow in the world.

It was also found out the Ben’s mother is a Lowline Angus, while his father is a panda bull. Chris Jessen is a farmer that raises and sells panda cows in order for them to be pets of other families. He said that one panda cow is worth $25,000-$30,000. When it came to size, these panda cows ranges from 44 inches tall on their tail side, on their hocks and can go up to1000 pounds.

So far, Ben still remains the 25th panda cow as it might be a long time that more panda cows will be added. This is indeed a rare and a cute animal that even cow-haters would love. He is such an adorable animal that I want to hug it and see if it also feels like a panda. If I won’t be able to see or hug a panda, at least with Ben, I will be able to experience that. This is one tourist attraction that I would like to see.



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