Paranormal Activity 2: Spooky or Not?

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The Halloween season is fast approaching so a horror-suspense movie is likely to make some noise. That’s what Paranormal Activity 2 is probably aiming for, but is it spooky enough to make one shiver?

Who could forget last year’s found footage-style film, Paranormal Activity? It is one film that made movie goers think “Is this thing true to life?” It revolved around a couple’s struggle against the paranormal activities going on in their household. It appeared that the girl has been followed around by an entity since her childhood. The film more or less fulfilled its goal of making viewers watch a considerably fresh film making style and make them wonder about the authenticity of the story.

Paranormal Activity 2, however, had some flaws in its technicalities. For instance, they added some kind of mythology in the movie because it appears that the girl from the last movie, Katie Featherston is a relative to the family who starred in this film. This implies that the weirdness runs in the blood. This sequel also has more characters (a whole family that is, with baby and dog) while the prequel only has two main characters.

But here’s the catch: if you want suspense, then you should definitely watch the Paranormal Activity 2. You could still expect the same mind boggling horror footages in the likes of those that were in the first film. Movie trailer below.


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