Paranormal Entity: Another Mockbuster From The Asylum

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Reviews reveal similarity of Paranormal Entity to Paranormal Activity as another “mockbuster” film from The Asylum. Known for producing low budget movies, The Asylum is releasing Paranormal Entity direct to DVDs with an original plot but in a way similar to how the movie Paranormal Activity was filmed.

Paranormal Entity is a footage of Samantha Finley while at home and paranormal events were captured. Samantha Finley died last 2008 and her death was labelled mysterious because her killer cannot be traced. The footage were found and kept as an explanation of her death.

The whole case was disturbing because after Samantha’s death, her mother committed suicide. Thomas Finley, Samantha’s brother, was arrested after their mother’s suicide. Thomas was accused to be his sister’s murderer but he committed suicide after the arrest.

The footage was an initiative of the brother, Thomas, when they suspected that the haunting in their house was not caused by their late father David. The so-called entity was mainly attacking Samantha which eventually killed her in the video. In the footage, Samantha was sometimes unconscious while doing something. Her brother tried to investigate the matter but failed when he was also attacked.

Authorities found the tapes during investigation. They disapproved releasing the footage but it was still pursued in making the movie.


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