Paris Hilton’s Community Service Story

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The Hilton heiress just can’t be separated from being stylish, even if she has to get dirty.

Paris Hilton is doing 200 hours of community service with the group “Hollywood Los Angeles Beautification” in painting over graffiti. This is her “punishment” when she was charged with two misdemeanors in Las Vegas, where she was caught carrying cocaine in her Chanel bag last August 27. The judge also said that she had to pay a $2000 fine and complete an outpatient substance abuse program.

But, it looked like community service won’t stop Hilton from being sophisticated and to work with paint in style. Since they were the rules, she had to wear the yellow t-shirt uniform of the “Hollywood Los Angeles Beautification” and the gloves. But that were the only things that were not her—because Hilton were wearing designer red sunglasses, hoop gold earrings, Chanel necklace and designer black stilettos! She was really determined to stick to her style to look good despite getting dirty with paint. This is just proof that you really can’t separate stylish and Hilton.

But according to the group, despite being her stylish self, Hilton was down-to-earth and easy to work with. The LA community service has strict rules such as one should never be late or else that day will not be counted as part of the community service. It has also stated to “prepare to get dirty” and once you have signed up, there is no turning back and you cannot make excuses to buy coffee or use the phone.

Maybe it is being part of being an heiress that she still wants to be stylish even in community service, but what she has done is a bit inappropriate. I mean, when will she learn that she has to sacrifice some things in order to do service the right way? It’s not everywhere that you can dress up and be sophisticated. You have to “dress dirty” in community service because it will show that you are part of the community. She has done a crime and she should pay for it and learn to sacrifice other things. I am sure people will admire her if she dressed appropriately for the occasion. I hope that she tones down a little in the next days of her service.



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