Picasso’s The Actor Damaged

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We all know that Picasso is undoubtedly one of the most famous artists of all time, and he made a huge impact on the art world. Although he has passed on, his works still live and continue to inspire artists everywhere to strive for their dreams and maybe someday become like him. Picasso’s art is featured in many different art museums, open to the public to view.

Picasso the actor

Just this January 24, 2010 at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, one of Picasso’s masterpieces entitled “The Actor” as damaged. A clumsy viewer tripped and tore a six inch whole into the canvas. The woman, who is yet to be named, was in an adult education class and she accidentally lost her balance and tripped into the piece of art.

Thankfully, the damage was only at the bottom of the canvas, and it didn’t destroy any important parts of the painting. The Metropolitan Museum of Art says that the painting will be fixed as soon as possible, so it will be back to its normal state.

“The Actor” was created in 1904-1905 and shows an acrobat posing for the painting. It will go on display on April 27 along with many other Picasso works, so it is sure to be fixed by then.


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